Even the smallest and weakest of mind is checking full of thoughts – thoughts of how to make life easier, thoughts of how to profit further, live longer, comfortably and enjoyably. Is there really a way out of this seemingly unending tunnel – a maze of gas fumes polluting our beloved air; of splutters and coughs from lung filled with all forms of noxious substances that we inhale on daily basis, of ruthless monopoly by the big players in the oil market who would rather watch the whole nation beg for fuel for months while they hide the fuel in their storage? Without a trace of doubt, the very compass with which Africa can navigate its way out of these disastrous waters is here – electric cars, super chargers and sustenance of the environment all in the palms of Tomoto Innovations Nig Ltd.

Tomoto Innovations Nig Ltd is a fully registered company sizzling with the chief desire to make life easier and healthier in Africa. The said desire is betrayed in its vision to embark on sales of electric vehicles and super chargers, to operate chains electric charging stations, and to provide a transportation system that would be 100% EV powered for corporate entities and private individuals across the major cities in Africa. Having pointed this out, it is only natural for a keen mind to ask “And what about that?” …. Simply put, the irony about life today, particularly in our beautiful continent Africa, a land so lavishly blessed and nurtured by the hands and breasts of Mother Nature, is that we are being killed by that which should vitalize us. How so? Technological advancements, majorly in our cities have much to our chagrin; become the bane of urban life. Our cities are enveloped in poisonous fumes ejected by mobiles that combust oil. These are being inhaled by the populace even much more than they know. This is a depressing truth.

And so, Tomoto Innovations Nig Ltd hereby champions this righteous cause of introducing electric cars to Nigerians and Africans as a whole, alongside developing a highly successful and profitable electric vehicle station with cutting-edge facility and technology. In addition to that, this company is deeply concerned with sustenance of the environment – preserving her green – and by so doing providing a long lasting solution to the qualms posed to life generally by daily burning of gas in our cities.

Furthermore, it can’t be gainsaid that many African countries fall prey to the infantile puppet show of “the powers that be” in the oil market. The availability of electric cars and commensurate availability of superchargers and charging stations in Africa will primarily pose a challenge to the kingpins of the oil market. This is simply because it will shake the very foundations of their monopoly, quivering their game boards, while emancipating and alleviating the conditions of the people. It’s only a matter of time before the paradigm shift of the populace to electric cars. There is yet to be greater news for Africa.


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