Reasons Your Next Car Should Be Electric


Reasons Your Next Car Should Be Electric

I know you must be asking yourself,’’why Electric cars? What’s with the Change? Why don’t we stick to the ones we are driving and make them better? Well in the actual sense we are doing just that but in a healthier and more environmental friendly way.I ll let you in on a little secret: we’re electric car fans here on I know, you already know this but I still have to state it. So, here’s a piece on reasons that come to my mind.

1. It’ll save you time.

Yes, despite the hype about charging times, there’s a good chance that driving electric will save your time. Imagine it like this: You have a gas station at your house. When you get home, you stick the nozzle in the car and go inside to have dinner, play with your kids, chill out on the couch, work on something, play video games, knit, go to sleep, or whatever. When you leave the next day, you just take the nozzle out.

This is life with an EV, except you don’t have to worry about the effects toxic gasoline will have on your family, you don’t have annoying puddles of gasoline accumulating on your driveway, you don’t have to worry about your house exploding if grandma lights up a cigarette and drops it in the wrong spot, and you’ll probably just charge every 2–3 days since charging every day is seldom necessary.

If you have charging stations at work, home + work charging will probably cover 97% of your charging needs. If it turns out you have no option to charge at home or work, there are still plenty of productive and recreational things to do while charging in public (that list doesn’t even include Pokémon Go! Or hanging out in your favorite eatery), and it still just takes a few seconds to plug in and unplug.

You charge your computer, telephone, and tablet at home, right? So why not your cars? Would you prefer they ran on gasoline where you have to pay all the time to keep your gadgets on? and lasted 1–3 weeks between fill-ups, but that you had to take them to a gas station every 1–3 weeks? I didn’t think so.

Also we should keep in mind that this is an emerging technology and will take some time to perfect, recall that we started with nokia 3310 now we are with iphone X. The charging time will get better and better and so will the battery and mile range.

2. Electric cars are freakin’ fun.

New technology can’t just be “meh, it’s as good as the old stuff.” If it is to burst through the bubble of human inertia, it’s got to be better. Electric cars definitely are better. Yes, you have to pay >$100,000 to get a 5–7 seat Tesla Model S P100D that smokes almost every other car in history to 60 mph, but even a low-cost electric car like the NISSAN LEAF,Auda,BYD, RENAULT TWIZZY or the Chinese brands which are way cheaper and fun to drive thanks to instant torque and the effortless, nearly silent, super efficient power of electric motors.

You have to experience this to understand it, and most auto manufacturers aren’t even trying to tell you about it (since most of them don’t actually want to sell you electric cars yet, Why? Because it’s not going to put instant billions in their accounts yet but I promise any car company that doesn’t embrace electric cars will wind up in years to come. Mark my words as I am Tochukwu Nwafor), but once you experience it, you’ll see the light.


3. Easier merging into traffic.

Granted, not everyone likes to have that kind of fun. Heck, some people don’t seem to like having fun at all! Quick acceleration only makes 90% of people smile (a fact I just pulled out of the air). But the instant torque makes driving much nicer and less stressful in other ways. Since you have essentially the car’s entire power ready at a moment’s notice, you can much more easily get onto a highway and merge into traffic, get into a roundabout, or leave a red light — all thanks to this magic power of EVs. It’ll genuinely ease your nerves and make driving more enjoyable, or at least less unenjoyable.

4. The smooth & silent drive is surreal.

What does driver after driver and passenger after passenger rave about after testing out an electric car? If not the instant torque, it’s the smooth and silent drive. In fact, this often comes first. Naturally, people freakin’ love a smooth and quiet ride. The rumbling explosions of a gasoline engine and all the crazy mechanisms that are in place to make that engine work and not harm you are, surprisingly, not that enjoyable to most of us. But we don’t realize how much nicer life can be until we drive an electric car instead.

“It’s so quiet! Is it really on? Oh my gosh, we’re driving?! It’s so quiet! That’s so nice.”

(Granted, some people find it disconcerting at first, but basically in the way that you find it a bit disconcerting when your vacation starts and you don’t have to do a million things at work — not that I can really remember what that’s like.)


5. Societal collapse isn’t cool.

This should be #1, but since our priorities are often totally screwed up, I postponed stating the obvious:

Society is totally, ridiculously, superbly, insanely screwed if we don’t electrify transport and switch to clean electricity ASAP.

Like, ASAP — not in 5–10 years, not by 2050, but right freakin’ now. Or we can just let society collapse and order up an onslaught of climate wars. Whatever. We must admit the world reacted very slowly to the climate change and it’s already telling on us now. Let’s stop killing our environment further. Embrace tomoto idea now! DRIVE GREEN, DRIVE SAFE, SPEND LESS

6. Your lungs & heart are undervalued.

One crazy thing about us humans is that we’ll put up with all kinds of nonsense if we’re used to it. This apparently even includes premature death, premature death that we could avoid if we simply had a little foresight and concern for our collective good. A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report found that air pollution causes 3 million premature deaths a year worldwide. This includes various types of air pollution, but it’s obvious that air pollution from gasoline and diesel vehicles is a huge culprit here.

“Air pollution from road transport costs OECD countries approximately $1 trillion a year in negative health effects (cancer, premature death, asthma, heart attacks, etc.),” as we all know $1 trillion ain’t pocket change — and there’s suffering that goes along with it.

Let’s be frank: If a terrorist organization was causing 3 million deaths a year or $1 trillion a year in health damage, you’d be flippin’ your freakin’ shit about it. You, your neighbor, your neighbor’s dog, even your neighbor’s little yellow fish. The world would be up in arms and media networks would be in full crisis mode (for an actually legitimate reason).

Ah, but it’s not terrorists — it’s just us, and the air pollution we create.Move along now.

(By the way, if you want to read more about what kind of nasty crap is associated with gasoline cars — and fossil power plants — check out “Top 10 Toxic Ingredients Used In The Fossil Fuel Industries.”)

7. You want the safest car in the world, right?

Oh, you care about your family and your own life? You want the car that’ll best protect you if you get slammed by a GMC Yukon or big Dangote truck? Sort of weird, but hey, that’s cool. Since that’s the case, you probably want the car that got a 5.4 out of 5 rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) — essentially putting every other car on the road to shame for how much worse they protect their passengers (and people around the car). If you’ve somehow missed this amazing news: that car is the Tesla Model S.

Oh, you’re set on getting a really big vehicle that can seat William and Elizabeth, Even The President plus a bunch of luggage? You want the safest SUV? No worries, just change that “S” to an “X” (and try to not get distracted putting any other letters in between) and you’re set. (Seriously, watch the presentation from the Model X launch.)

By the way, included in safety is the fact that Tesla’s vehicles have the best autonomous driving tech on the market. That can make your drive much safer and much more relaxing — bonus points!

8. Oh, you want the safest car for $35,000 or less?

That will obviously be the Tesla Model 3.

(Note: “or less” applies if you can take advantage of incentives like the $7,500 US federal tax credit for EVs and a wide variety of state incentives.) This tax credit and incentives are even better in China where the Government is seriously encouraging the citizens to go for electric cars. In my opinion I think the Chinese are leading electric car producers. They have the highest number of manufacturers and highest number of sales. The issue with Africa and Nigeria is whether politicking and power which resides mainly in the hands of the oil magnets will allow them embrace this technology knowing it’s going to hamper their own business.

9. Who loves exporting $$$ for oil?

This is a topic for another day — I’m planning to write a full new article on this — but until then, let me just point out that the USA imports~8 million barrels of oil a day, from a bunch of countries that probably wouldn’t otherwise (or still don’t) consider them as a friend. The European Union imports ~12 million barrels of oil a day, sending ~€1 billion out of Europe 365¼ times per year. Nigeria spends 596 billion Naira in six months to import fuel. Sure would be nice to keep that money at home, wouldn’t it?


10. Who wants to send more $$$/₦₦₦ to oil billionaires?

Of course, when not spending cash money on our personal needs we are giving to the oil magnates to either power or vehicles or generators, … while they stash more cash than they can keep track of in bank accounts and buy off all the properties on sale. They won’t stop at that they go ahead to create fuel scarcity and triple their already high fuel prices and still make it unavailable. Nigerians suffer every December month scouting for fuel. Waking up at midnight to queue in the fuel stations and still pay a higher price for the fuel they add water to. This topic is not something I need to elaborate on. All Nigerians know the kind of hardship we go through during fuel scarcity period and how we never want it if we have a choice. Well yeah we have a choice, let’s all buy electric cars and solar then leave them to drink their fuel. The one they hoard.

  1. You can boost your local economy.

Sending that money to community solar farms, local wind power plants, or the owner of your rooftop solar panels (who I hope is you), you can keep more money circulating among non-billionaires in your local economy and maybe even in your home. (Apologies — or maybe no apologies needed — if you’re a billionaire and are reading this. However, definitely no apologies if you are having a servant read it to you or among those that oppress the masses with fuel in your hands.)

12. Your car will get better over time.

Again, this is specifically if you choose to buy a Tesla. The Silicon Valley company will make sure your car becomes better (in some ways) as it ages. Confused? The thing is, Tesla is continuously improving its vehicles via over-the-air software updates. You can just wake up and all of a sudden your car can do something cool, like park itself. That’s just fun.

13. You could save more cash money.

Depending on circumstances regarding how much you drive, the cost of fuel along your routes which is 30,000 naira monthly for a Lagos driver minus maintenance, the cost of electricity for charging, the cost of maintenance (or lack thereof), government and utility incentives, and maybe the value of your time, you may make out saving more money with an electric car than with a “comparably equipped” gasoline car. If you go for a used EV, the chance of saving a boatload of money is even greater.

14. Heck, you may even make more money on your car by sharing it than you’ll spend to buy it!

Shit is about to get really crazy. Apparently, self-driving Tesla cars are coming “a hell of a lot faster” than you think (it’s no longer news that all Tesla cars are now being produced with full self-driving hardware). That means your car could act as your own personal driver by day and a robotaxi by night (or whenever you aren’t using it), which could actually make you more money than the car costs you!

15. All the cool kids are going electric.

Going electric is now the cool thing to do. Akon,Pharrel Williams, Steph Curry, Oprah, Ben Affleck, Don Cheadle, James Cameron, Cameron Diaz, Beyounce & Jay Z, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Kiedas, Will Smith,Jaden Smith, Steven Spielberg, and a bunch of other celebrities now drive Teslas. I wonder why.

As Akon said in Januray, he actually had 28 fancy cars and dropped all of them except 4 Teslas — they’re just that much better!



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