What it means for Tesla that Mercedes is coming out with four new electric vehicles?



Tesla is the biggest Electric vehicle company out here now just the way Mercedes is the biggest petroleum Vehicle Company in my own opinion. Therefore it means Tesla are entering one of the most dangerous phase of their existence if they view this as a threat from the big boys, and I think they should actually see it as a threat.

Mercedes and the like coming into the EV market is, in theory, a fantastic thing for Tesla, because it’s validated what they have been saying all along; there is a market for an electric car.

The problem, of course, is that having demonstrated there is a market; they have piqued the interest of companies who are much more experienced at making cars than Tesla, and much richer than Tesla.

There is a chance that Tesla will find that having proven there is a market, they come in and get eaten by companies who can do scale much faster than they can do.

I hope that doesn’t happen.  Tesla has taken a big risk, and has made it work.  They deserve success for doing so.  But there’s no guarantee they will.

Apple did a great job of developing a market for digital cameras, then had to bail out of the market when the Japanese “big boys” of the camera market came in and reclaimed what was theirs.

Conversely, Diamond Multimedia did a good job of demonstrating there was a market for MP3 players with their “Rio” MP3 player, only for Apple to see the market looked interesting and come in and murder them with the iPod.

We will be expecting a lot of competitions in this EV journey and a lot of technology advancement. We remember how Nokia came in the GSM game and took it all then Blackberry came; now we have iPhone and Samsung heading the game. Therefore I think anyone; any Company can grab the throne from Tesla anytime if they don’t take care.

The EV journey is one Journey I ll live to experience and play part with Tomoto.ng



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