The Duke & Duchess of Sussex Depart Windsor Castle In Their Electric


It is no longer news that the Royal Family is a huge advocate for green energy and environmental conservation. So when we saw newly wed Royals depart Windsor in a Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero, This vehicle was originally manufactured in 1968, and has since been converted to electric power #RoyalWedding

It was more like they are practicing what they are preaching. I am pretty sure millions of people noticed!


This is actually a very pleasant surprise. The symbolic value of this event for the global shift to electric transportation cannot be underestimated.

The car is a converted 1968 E-Type, and this particular one now has “E190518” on the license plate, stating the date of Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

To better understand the idea behind the Jaguar E-type Concept Zero, you can can read Steve Hanley’s article about it from last year, and take a look at this video from Fully Charged covering the official unveiling of it:

No doubt this stunt combines a lot of positive thinking around EVs in the general public. What Royalty say and do seem to have tremendous impact on people’s attitudes, like it or not. And all lovers of classic cars will have to give in to the beauty of this electrified Jaguar. The rest of us are just thrilled to our stomach that EVs are now really finally getting a firm grip in the general public.



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