Chelsea Legend John Terry Joins the Tesla Life


The Chelsea legend that is currently on holidays at the Coco Private Island Maldives was seen cruising on a Tesla whose model is yet to be confirmed. John Terry, the Chelsea and England legend is well known as a lover of fun therefore it is no surprise that he has joined the league of stars cheering for Tesla and actually owning one. John Terry joins former team mate and Chelsea legend Petr Cech who owns a teslla model X worth £74,530 and Arsenal right back, Hector Bellerin as owners of the eco-friendly vehicle Tesla even though the Arsenal team is in partnership with BYD a very heavy weight in the electric car industry in China.


In the short video he posted on his Instagram story @johnterry.26, he was seen sitting inside the car, cruising and making videos while gushing about the car. He really impressed that he instantly declared it the best car He’s ever driven.

This allows them to make a killing on savings on petrol. And with a range of around 300 miles on a single charge, they don’t have to worry about being stranded on the roadside.

Now that almost everyone that has driven Tesla testifies positively about the car, it is safe to say electric cars are not just here to international combustion engines and keep our car emissions zero. They are here to change our driving experience for the good. In all round, electric vehicles are far better.

It won’t be long till these Electric vehicles get to African market and take over especially with the kind of efforts and facilities Tomoto Innovations Nig Ltd is putting in place in Nigeria and planning for Africa. The company is the first indigenous electric vehicle company in Nigeria which is focusing on importing electric cars into Nigeria, creating a charging network and charging stations, a transportation system for corporate entities and private individuals solely powered by electric vehicles. This way there would be full integration of the electric vehicle technology in Africa.

The advantages of electric vehicles are far too many and way better when compared to internal combustion engine. For example if Nigerians use electric cars, no one would use them to play politics of fuel scarcity and increment of fuel prices at any point in time. Nigerians can always charge their cars at home or the charging stations with the 24 hours solar energy also to be supplied by the company.


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